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5 Rocket League plugins that are almost like CHEATING

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

These Rocket League “hacks” can actually help you train and get better at the game. In this video we look at some Rocket League Training Plugins and Glitched Training Packs that allow you to do some unique things in Rocket League. See your hitbox, predict the path of the ball, have a mini-map, know when you got your flip rest, and more! You’ll find the links to all the Steam and Epic Rocket League mods in the description below. Also included is Rocket League out of map training codes and multi-ball training codes that will work for both PC and Console (PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo Switch). Who knows, maybe these “cheats” are just what you need to get to the next rank in Rocket League Season 4.

Rocket League BakkesMod


Training Packs (make sure BakkesMod is Disabled):
Drop Shot = 573C-BFBB-4C17-D278
Neo Tokyo = 4E38-0FF4-D96A-3D1E
DeadEye Canyon = CE71-4CF8-8AFC-E86D
30 Balls = 7410-0268-A58A-F36F
50 Balls = C5DE-E386-CCAD-F76B
100 Balls = 96DB-6C2A-B79F-871B

Setting up Local

these tutorials were designed for setting up RL Air Race games but the instructions can be applied to any custom map or mod you would like to use.

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I think we’ve all wondered whether its possible to really cheat in Rocket League.

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open