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Broken Rocket League Server on Xbox One w/ Perfect Song & Champion 2 Crate Opening @RocketLeague

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

I was playing Rocket League on Xbox One searching for a match, skipping through songs on Spotify and everything happened so perfectly. Not complaining now though since I got a Campions 2 Crate after that game! Enjoy! 🙂


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Rocket League secrets, gameplay, and more about the new Frosty Fest event and Secret Santa Crates including painted items/more!
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Got some rocket League tips and easter eggs! The facts this time include the Happy Holidays import/black market, painted toppers in colors like tw, sky blue, crimson, purple, and more, peppermint wheels secret, and other fun things. In the background is a good 2v2 competitive (I think ranked) gameplay with some champion items.
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▶ Everything about the new Rocket League Velocity Crate and the Frosty Fest event update that features new (No mystery decals), new import DT5 car, black market, painted

▶ A montage featuring the best goals, freestyles, and dribbles from pros such as Kronovi, Rizzo, Sizz, Lachinio, Kuxir, Squishy and

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▶ Itro

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open