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Every Painted Titanium White Wheel Showcase Mid April 2019 Rocket League

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

The full selection of White wheels,
up to and including Rocket Pass 3.

This is a follow-up as the original video didn’t include TW Cauldron *not favourites*)
The new RLCS (Fan Rewards) Decenium and Emerald released 19th April are not included in this video.

This is a 100% legit collection, no PC program used to showcase,

these items are in (and are staying in) my inventory.

Full list of Wheels..
[Exotic] ARA-51 Balla-Carrà Centro Chrono Clockwork Cruxe Discotheque Draco Dynamo Equalizer FGSP Gernot Hikari P5 Hypnotik Illuminata Infinium K2 Kalos Lobo Looper Photon Pulsus Pyrrhos Raijin Reactor REEVRB Roulette Santa Fe Turbine Voltaic Wonderment Zomba Zowie SE Painted Wheels

[Import] Asik SE Cauldron Christmas Wreath Finny FSL Hiro Kyrios Libertine Lustrum X10 Saptarishi Sovereign A/T Triplex Painted Wheels

[Very rare] Chakram Diomedes Doughnut (Wheels) Fireplug Gaiden Grimalkin Jayvyn Masato Nipper Peppermint Quimby Reaper (Wheels) Revenant Septem SLK Spiralis Thread-X2 Troika Yamane Yuzo Painted Wheels

[Limited] Aero Mage Aether Apex Capacitor IV Celestial II Daemon-Kelpie Galvan SE Generator II Gripstride HX Gripstride SE Madness II Meridian Metalwork SE Ninja Plasmatic Polaris SE Pyramidia Razzle Rocket F. SE Rocket Forge II Sprocket SE Teller Troublemaker IV Tungsten Ulterior Ved-Ava II Visionary

[Tradeup Wheels] Alchemist Almas Asterias Dieci Falco Invader Lowrider Neptune Octavian OEM Ratrods Spyder Stern Sunburst Trahere Tunica Veloce Vortex Zeta


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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open