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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

Oke guys because of big succes on forums but not so much on youtube, i need you to fill in an advertisement if you don’t know how it works just comment on the video.

If you open 1 of these sites on your phone or tablet… than you only have to download an app and you have the ROCKET LEAGUE keys and after that you could just uninstall the app!

Just pick 1 they are all the same.
You have to fill in one of the advertisements with fake information and when you complete it you can download the file with the ROCKET LEAGUE KEYS.

If you completed an advertisement and you still can’t download the file you have to try again another advertisement

Always use FAKE information

The keys are waiting on you!

01/05/2016: New keys (25)
10/05/2016: Still Working!
11/05/2016: READ IMPORTANT AT TOP! for more succes
20/05/2016: New Keys! (Mobile best chose for succes)
11/06/2016: Still Working! (238 keys)
17/06/2016: Update (149 keys) !
26/06/2016: 64 keys!
02/07/2016: New keys (109)
17/08/2016: Keys! (people are disliking because they can’t complete the survey…)
24/09/2016: People stop disliking if you don’t get any offers, I will search for another tool in the future!
More Keys added!

04/02/2017 : New Keys!
09/04/2017: More keys (Stop disliking if you can’t complete the survey) Thanks

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open