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Grand Champion vs 14 Modded Bots

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

Ever since I learned about the amazing RLBots, I knew I had to make a sick video where I play against them. Watch me as I figure out my strategy to winning against hordes of bots that ballchase non-stop and don’t give you any room to make plays.

RLBot is an awesome community of coders who create their own Rocket League bots. These bots are better than the default ones in the game, and the best thing is there is no limit to what they could learn. Some of them know how to do ceiling shots, air dribbles, flip resets, etc. Name any mechanic, the bots can probably do it…

? Watch a fun 3v3 tournament of BOTS ONLY!
LIVE – Sunday June 30th 12:00pm EST at



– Production Music courtesy of Epidemic

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open