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How to Earn XP Crates & Event Currency in a Private Match Rocket League Life Hacks

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

Learn how to fill an unranked lobby with your friends making your own “private” match while still earning rocket pass XP, crates and event currency like snowflakes, candycorn, and flowers.

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Intro Voice-Over by BaX

Big thanks to people that helped make this video BaX, Memlo, G_Pea_eS, kingofslackerz, Stefek & Musty.

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A man appeared from behind a shadow….he said “Psst, Linkuru! Let me tell you the fastest way to get XP in Rocket League.” And so he taught me the secret cheat to reaching TIER 100 in Rocket Pass. I’m here to share this trick with you guys.


– Production Music courtesy of Epidemic

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open