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How to get FREE White Zombas & Alpha Items in Rocket League Alpha Console Tutorial

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

Whats up guys, it’s TheSwegBnub, and today I am teaching you guys how to get free white zombas, free alpha items, free mystery decals, pretty much anything YOU want in Rocket League using a program called alpha console.

Alpha console is a program that you can download in Rocket League that will allow you to get anything you want for free! In order to download it, you need to go to the discord I have linked below and follow the steps as shown in the video. Once you have downloaded alpha console, it should hook onto your Rocket League, and from there you can change anything that you wish to get your free mystery decals (ex. heatwave, 20xx), alpha items, white zombas, basically any item in the game.

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open