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Ever since Rocket League went free-to-play an influx of new players have been wondering how to get some of the most sought after cars and items. Players are wondering how to get the Fennec? How to get the Nissan Skyline? Or how to get the rarest decals? A lot of these items were discontinued and the only hope you’ll have to ever get them is for them to pop up in the item shop one day. But what’s another way you can get these items? Trade for them, of course! Knowing how to trade in Rocket League with other players opens a whole new world to the game. Rocket League is a game with cars placed in the world of football but when you learn to trade within Rocket League, the game becomes so much more than that! If you have a bunch of items in your inventory, these can be the key to you finally landing your hands on that one item you’ve been chasing for so long. In today’s video, we’re teaching you how to trade in Rocket League. We want to try something with this video… if you’re looking for an item comment down below with what it is and what you can offer for it! Let’s see if we can link some of you guys up to strike a deal.

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open