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I Snuck into a Zoom Class and Challenged the Teacher to a 1v1

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Rocket League has no boundaries and Zoom Class 1v1 battles don’t have too either. In this video, I sneak into a zoom class, pretend I am a student, challenge the teacher to a 1v1 and then follow up with going against the whole class. It was a wild ride but everyone was a great sport and it actually turned out way better than I thought it would. The best part about Rocket League is the fact that so many different kinds of people play and you can meet some cool people. Rocket League truly is the greatest game of all time when I can randomly log into someone else’s class in 2020, act a fool, then make an amazing video out of a simple question of “want to 1v1 me bro”.

Watch the teacher’s twitch for the school team!:



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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open