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INSANE CRATE LUCK CONTINUES Breakout TYPE S | C3 Rocket League PC Crate Opening

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

As you can see there were some problems with this video (Watch until the end) but that won’t happen again! MASSIVE thanks to ‘Ronaldo12005’ on Steam for hooking me up!
NEW PS4 TRADING Rocket League Trading Empire & Black Market!

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Camera FOV -100
Height – 120
Angle – 5
Distance – 320
Stiffness – 0.65
Shake – OFF

Controller Default except
Air Roll – L1
Scoreboard – R1
Controller – Dualshock 4


What are your camera settings?
Read above.

What platform do you play on?
PC, with a PS4 controller.

What team do you play on?
Skyrocket eSports

Where are you from?
I am from Yorkshire UK but live in Sydney AUS

Can you add me as a friend?

Why do you suck?
I do appologise. this is just a hobby for me.

What is your steam id?

If you would like to see anything in future videos please message me on steam or on Youtube.

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open