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Get the best camera, controls, and button mappings/bindings for playing Rocket League in this first part of a series that gives new players/beginners all the tools and information they will need to rise through the Rocket League ranks.

This video covers all of the different options/customization settings,
Gameplay, Camera, Controls, Interface, Video, Audio, Chat, and Extras.

Major Recommendations in
-Disable voice chat and set text chat to team only if you want to avoid trash talking from opponents.
-Turn game stat display level to all stats
-Lots of customization and improvement to camera settings (turn off camera shake, turn up field of view to 110˚, turn off invert swivel, etc.)
-Changes to control settings (controller deadzone, dodge deadzone, vibration, sensitivity, etc.)
-Changes to bindings (Left and right air roll on left and right bumpers, etc.)
-Video settings (turn off weather effects, light shafts, and lens flares)
-Audio settings (turn off music, ambient, voice, and crowd sounds)
-Explanation of quick chats and information/team chat options.

Also, here is an explanation on my button mapping for the scoreboard and for the chat Basically it allows you to see the scoreboard and allows you to chat with as little trouble/issue as I think is possible. It can be a little bit of a pain as whenever you want to go to the menu during a match (like if you want to quit or forfeit) it will also pull up the chat box to type, and then you have to click the B button to actually forfeit or quit or whatever. That being said, I found for me that it is the best way to retain the most functionality, having left and right air roll and also allowing me to see the scoreboard and to type out responses to rowdy teammates. Also you shouldn’t be typing during the actual game (only during the replays after goals are made) so it shouldn’t be too big a deal.

Hope you enjoyed the video and/or found it useful. Have a great day, and as always, thanks for watching!

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open