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McLaren 570S is OP | Rocket League Montage

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

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For those that don’t know what this OP series is about, it’s my highlights done with a certain car and contains some edits and memes here and there. Nothing to take seriously, it’s just for entertainment.

The Rocket Pass 2 car will most likely be next up.

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– DeRAWAT – Lazer

– Ehax – Hold On To Me [Sped Up]

– Itro x Valcos – Starbound [OUTRO]


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A man appeared from behind a shadow….he said “Psst, Linkuru! Let me tell you the fastest way to get XP in Rocket League.” And so he taught me the secret cheat to reaching TIER 100 in Rocket Pass. I’m here to share this trick with you guys.


– Production Music courtesy of Epidemic

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open