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In this tutorial, I cover the the five main things other YouTubers fail to discuss in their trading tutorials. In my humble opinion, I feel many of them are trade rich veterans and completely out of sync with new traders heading into 2021. If you have any questions that I don’t answer in the video, I do a playing with viewers every Friday from 4 – 8 PM Pacific Standard time. Additionally, feel free to reach out to me via my discord channel in the link posted below.

#1 The importance of patience – 1:13
#2 The basics of negotiation – 4:25
#3 Don’t become to reliant on RL Insider – 8:26
#4 Use Rocket League Garage over Discord – 11:55
#5 Stop trying to flip blackmarket items (yes that’s right) – 14:51

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open