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Oculus Link WARNING Squid Games VR Horizon Worlds Rocket LeagueLike VR Prototype & Much More

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

VR News Weekly Update! Squid Game VR, Lots of PCVR Games coming to Quest, a Rocket League archery prototype looks promising! Varjo tease some new Tech. Facebook Horizon Worlds announced with $10 million creator fund. New Games for Oculus Quest and much more!

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Oculus Quest 2

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Squid Games 1:21
CEO NOT 2:17
Swordsman VR 3:00
Tea for God Quest 3:54
Canon Camera VR 5:00
Valve 2nd 6:08
Horizon 7:12
Varjo Reveal 8:36
Rocket League-like Archery VR : 9:46
Windows 11 Update Breaks 10:38
Lone Echo 2: 11:35

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open