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PRETENDING TO DUPLICATE ITEMS ON ROCKET LEAGUE Giving Away Free Mystery Decals Crying Reaction

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

PRETENDING TO DUPLICATE ITEMS ON ROCKET LEAGUE! – Giving Away Free Mystery Decals! (Crying Reaction)


Today, I decided to join some of my fan’s parties and tell them I can duplicate their items. A lot of them trusted me and eventually I gave them their own item with the “Duplicated” version of it. I’m just trying to give back to some of my subs and I had a lot of fun making this video! Hope you enjoy!

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Raid Chico, known as Ethan Diaz, is an American video creator who loves to do challenges and make people laugh. He originally came from the a group called the Raid Clan.

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Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video!
– Raid Chico

Thought this would be fun to see if I could get free wins in Rocket League!
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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open