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Rocket League CHEATER Cheating to get crates AFK gameplay cheat

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

after 2 hours from this vid, he is STILL in the unranked queue finding games macroplaying. Player “asdasd”.
Hi guys. I just queued up against this guy “asdasd” in 1v1 unranked. At first I thought he was just afk and left the match. Immediately I realized he had setup his buttons to use acceleration in order to prevent disconnect. He also might have a fully functional macro to put him in match queue when ever a match is completed.
Went for 1v1 unranked queue again and found him matched up against me again and took this video to show you what happened. Made this video mainly cause currently the report system in the game only reports chat logs and nothing else.

It’s not really a hack, but it’s also not a preferred way to play the game and fill the queues up with dummies that drive around afk. Shame on you. I hope Psionix addresses this with somekinda detection system or something.

Rocket League – All crates may be removed from the game forever due to a gambling BAN!

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open