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Today I will be showing you a Rocket League hack to get unlimited XP and All-Star rank on Competitive! All you have to do is watch my ads and send me money for your hack to kick in, if it asks what virus you want click “Give all Paypal Money to Caramel”. Lol just trolling, like, subscribe and download my mixtape.

In this video there will be some edited highlights of my best shots me and my mates hit the past few weeks in competitive and some funny moments.

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This past week I have been playing competitive rocket league with my 2 grand champion friends. In the video there is a rocket league montage about the best fails and wide open net memes from the past week. The series is kinda based of the series from WASDcommunity called POTATO LEAGUE #15 | Rocket League Funny Moments & Fails. Some rocket league funnies as well. The clips aren’t anything like squishy rocket league can do or rizzo rocket league, but they are rocket league competitive highlights…

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open