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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

PS4 – Rocket Pass painted item giveaway random giveaways!
Like, Subscribe and JOIN the bell club!
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Celebrate the season of spooky and collect Candy Corn at the end of every online match. Then, redeem your candy to grab special Halloween-themed rewards! You can also collect and open new randomly-dropped Event Crates full of exclusive content (Unlocked Crates are also available to purchase)!

Rocket Pass is a time-limited progression system that will give you several ways to earn new content in Rocket League.

❗ Chat Commands ❗
!loot – Display you amount of Hoob loot
!free – Collect 50 Hoob Loot every 15 minutes
!give [user] [amount] – Give Hoob Loot to other users
!raffle [tickets] – Join the active giveaway
!rich – Display the Top 10 by Hoob Loot
!rank- Display the Top 10 by watch hours
!id – Display all of Mr. Bacon’s in game IDs
!curse – Curse yourself
!uncurse – Uncurse yourself
!hadouken [user] – Hadouken another user
!treat – Feed BlexBot a treat

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❓ How do I win a giveaway? ❓
Be here when the subscriber count hits the next target and you will find out what to do!

♻️ Trade? ♻️
Mr. Bacon doesnt really trade much unless you have a sick deal for him, but a lot of the Hoobs Fans are crazy about it so stick around until they show up.

1 Rocket League Keys at 1000 subs
10 Haunted Hallows Pumpkins at 1000 subs
1 Rocket League Rocket Pass Painted Item every 5 subs

Tell your parents, your janitors, your bus drivers and tell your cats to sub!

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open