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Rocket League Unlimited Boost/Powerslide Challenge Gameplay

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

Late night screwing around on Rocket League. I made a challenge that we have to hold boost and power-slide for the entire game. The team that gets the first goal wins.

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Bronze to Silver (Play Safe)
Defend your goal for kickoffs
Find space
Be ready to defend at all times

Silver to Gold (Surprise your Opponents)
Defend the backboard (My D1A8-0CDB-808C-29A2)
Power clears (All Star Aerial Training)
Fast aerials (All Star Aerial Training)

Gold to Plat (High % Plays)
Power Sliding
Ground offence (flicks, pops, shots)
Shadow defence (SunlessKhan

Plat to Diamond (Speed & Efficiency)
Fast Half flips and wall landings
Disrupting enemy Boost starving & Goalie demos
Wall shots ( 9F6D-4387-4C57-2E4B)

Diamond to Champ (Team Play)
Rebounds ( D7F8-FD53-98D1-DAFE)
Ground Infield & Counter Attacking
Mind games

Champ to Grand Champ (Advanced Offence/Defence)
Challenge as a Don’t dive in as third man, don’t isolate yourself
Air roll shots/hits ( B4EB-C56A-BA9D-5300)
Advanced Aerial Double Touch Rebounds ( 23BC-0377-C228-A338, F034-3D8D-89DA-BA2F), Redirects ( AE39-F114-BE8D-A5BE, 761E-8C2F-53CD-14F5), Ceiling Shots ( AFC9-2CCC-95EC-D9D4)

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open