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x100 GLITCH TEST Rocket League Crate Opening EASY Painted Items/Black Market Mystery Decals

Rocket League Online Hack <- Open

Rocket League Crate Opening glitch test! Does it actually help you get painted wheels, cars, and black market mystery decals?

In this Rocket League Crates video, I open up 100 different crates including overdrive crates and CC1 – CC4. We test a glitch method (not duplication glitch) that actually helped us get a TON of great stuff! Including a mystery decal. Now we didn’t get anything crazy like white zombas, but had a ton of fun!

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I couldn’t find it, but $10 rusher made a video on this already ??? Good to recap 😉

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100% Credit goes to the Original creator (Bitplex)
Check Bitplex’s Original Video Here!

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Rocket League Online Hack <- Open